Toni Morrison: The Last Interview Book

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A wide-ranging collection of talks with the beloved author finds her refreshingly candid about her books and her life, race and misogyny, and more.

In this wide-ranging collection of thought-provoking interviews including her first and last Toni Morrison (whom President Barrack Obama called a “national treasure”) details not only her writing life, but also her other careers as a teacher, and as a publisher, as well as the gripping story of her family.

In fact, Morrison reveals here that her Nobel Prize-winning novels, such as Beloved and Song of Solomon, were born out of her family’s stories such as those of her great-grandmother, born a slave, or her father, escaping the lynch mobs of the South. With an introduction by her close friend, poet Nikki Giovani, Morrison hereby weaves yet another fascinating and inspiring narrative — that of herself.

  • 192 pages
  • Paperback book
  • Series edited by MELVILLE HOUSE
  • 5.47"W x 8.18"H x 0.46"D

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Toni Morrison: The Last Interview Book

Toni Morrison: The Last Interview Book

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