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Sparkling Rosé Wine Making Kit


Every sip of sparkling rose tastes like a celebration. Whether it's a special occasion, your usual Sunday brunch with friends, or a girls' night in, pop a bottle of homemade pink bubbly and toast to the good times up ahead.

All you need is this kit, a few empty champagne bottles, and a little patience. This kit includes everything you need to make 5 bottles of sparkling rosé, even the corks. The steps to making rosé bubbly are delightfully easy, and you'll be popping bottles in just six weeks. Let's raise a glass to that!

This kit includes all the equipment and ingredients you need to make your first batch of sparkling rose wine. The kit is reusable so all you need for your second and third batches is a new mix of ingredients!

  • Rose grape juice
  • Champagne yeast
  • Yeast nutrient
  • 5 plastic corks and cages

      Brooklyn Brew Shop wants to show the world that making beer (real beer from real ingredients) can be simple, tasty, and most importantly, fun. These stylish and easy-to-use Beer Making Kits are designed especially for stove-top brewing and ingredient mixes for seasonally inspired beers.

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