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Pisces Zodiac Sign Pencils - Set of 8 Pisces Inspired Pencils!


Pisces: February 19th - March 20th

typical Pisces is a dreamer, sensitive, a procrastinator, charitable, intuitive and easily-led.

Need pencils to match your astrological sign? We've got you covered!  These standard no. 2 pencils include fun sayings inspired by the traits of a true Pisces. The perfect gift for your favorite astrology-loving friends!

Pisces Pencil Sayings:

  • Time for My Second Nap
  • Stray Animal Collector
  • Wildly Unappreciated
  • Drinks Like a Fish
  • Amazeballs Ideas Pencil
  • My Alone Time is for Your Safety
  • Will Accept Flattery
  • Total Dreamer (selfie pencil - backwards!)


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