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Pink Plastic Pressed Water Bottle - Pressed Water is Much More Flavorful Than Infused!

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If someone asked you to make lemonade from real lemons would you simply place them in water? No! You’d squeeze, juice and press those lemons for all their worth.

So why are you just placing fruit in your infuser or detox water bottle?

If you’ve used an infuser or detox water bottle to flavor your water before you’ve probably noticed one flaw, no flavor! The reason, fruit naturally doesn’t release its juice just because you placed it in water. The delicious juice trapped inside remains trapped unless you put your hand inside the bottle and squeeze it. Who wants to do that? Not us!

To abolish boring detox water bottles, the Pressa Bottle was created to juice and press fruit into any beverage. A unique press slowly squeezes your favorite fruit, releasing the delicious juices that are stuck inside. The end result, a distinctive and delightful creation we like to call pressed water. Don’t waste your time waiting for water to infuse, just twist n’ press natural flavor.

Not only can you make some pretty delicious tasting water, you can also use it for alcohol! Perfect for glamping and tailgating, fill the bottle with gin and press limes for a refreshing gin and tonic, or fill with vodka and infuse your own flavored booze! If you don't want to drink 24 oz. of booze by yourself, use the bottle for pouring and sharing at all your parties.

  • Durable plastic bottle 
  • BPA free tritan plastic
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • 710ml - 24oz


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