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McNugget Buddy Soap


Let's bring it back to 1988 when you couldn't wait to open your Happy Meal to see which of the McNugget Buddies you got this week! Who remembers these cute little guys?! Our favorite was definitely the Rocker McNugget. Who was yours?

Inspired by this classic toy, these handmade soaps look like your favorite chicken nugget buddy. Plus, they're made of moisturizing glycerin, smell like a yummy Hi-C orange drink and will take you on a serious trip down memory lane. Try not to dunk them in any sweet and sour sauce though! 

  • 2 oz. soap
  • 2.5" long
  • Sold individually
  • Hi-C orange scented
  • Glycerin soap with activated charcoal
  • Handmade in San Jose, California


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