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Junior Reporter Sammi Boy Doll - Includes An Issue of School Paper!


"Branksea School’s Sports Day is a Sports Day with a difference. We have athletics and gymnastics and team sports like football. But - because we’re so close to the beach – we have lots of water-based activities, too. There are swimming and surfing and canoeing events. There’s even a kite-flying event near the sea cliffs! I write about everything for the Branksea School News, it’s a hectic sort of day!" - Sammi 


  • Plain grey hat
  • Yellow gilet
  • T-shirt with headphones print
  • Jeans
  • Dark-red trainers
  • Denim-blue bag
  • Pen
  • Edition 1 of Branksea School News

Sammi: The Boy Doll: A doll that parents of young boys have been crying out for! Sammi has been designed as a playtime buddy that boys can relate to. He looks like a boy, with a realistic, healthy childlike body shape, and promotes wholesome play values too; no guns or violence in sight. Sammi's clothes fit both the boy dolls (Finn dolls) and girl dolls (Lottie dolls).

Size: All Lottie dolls stand around 7 inches tall, the perfect size for a young child to grasp, play with and take to exciting places. They're fully articulated, her arms and legs have bendable joints and her head moves side to side.

Age 3+

About Lottie Dolls:'s Head Gal, Ashley Judge, has a young daughter and discovered Lottie Dolls as a consumer, shopping for an empowering and inclusive doll for her child, and immediately wanted to bring them to the shop to share with you! What thrilled Ashley is that Lottie has a childlike body developed by British academics; she doesn't wear makeup, jewelry or high heels. The dolls stand on their own two feet! Lottie dolls stand around 7 inches tall, the perfect size for a young child to grasp, play with and take to exciting places. They're fully articulated, their arms and legs have bendable joints and their head moves side to side. Lottie has developed a range of dolls that empowers children to be themselves, to be imaginative and adventurous and – most of all - to have fun. They believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. 

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