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i-Type Polaroid Camera Film 3-Pack (Save $10!)


i-Type film is a new generation of instant film, optimized for i-Type cameras like the OneStep 2. That means you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. But don't try using it in a 600 camera or vintage Polaroid Original Camera – it won't work, no matter how nicely you ask it to.

  • 8 photos per pack. Includes THREE packs of 8. 
  • MSRP of 3 packs of film is $57, Save $10 with our bundle! 
  • Develops in 15 minutes
  • i-Type Film for use in i-Type cameras ONLY 
  • Battery-free
  • Available in black and white and/or color

    Important Note: Coupon codes and promotions do not apply to Polaroid cameras, film or accessories. Polaroid is excluded from all discounts at 

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