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How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat Book

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A hilarious guide to business from a stubborn ginger cat. Although the words productivity and cat might not often be seen in the same sentence, Office Cat somehow manages to claw himself and his fluffy Meow-nagement Team a tasty yearly profit in shrimp and catnip, while still getting his twenty hours of sleep a day. How does he do it?The answer is simple: employ a support staff of infatuated humans, who not only accept your every feline foible but downright adore them!

However, as Office Cat demonstrates, humans still require careful handling from dealing with their constant questioning of the value of weekly can-opening workshops to being mindful of their preference for your staying awake when they’re addressing you. Animal-loving work shirkers the world over will fall in love with Office Cat and his humorous business guide, which pokes fun at both the way cats see the world and the eagerness of humans to be at the beck and call of their furry overlords.

  • 6.57"W x 7.55"H x 0.68"D
  • 112 pages
  • By Ariana Klepac & Pete Smith


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