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Drinking with Chickens Cocktail Book

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It’s drinks, it’s chickens: It’s the cocktail book you didn’t know you needed! To add some extra happy to your happy hour, invite a chicken and pour yourself a drink. Enjoy any (or all) of the 60+ deliciously drinkable garden-to-glass beverages, including the Lilac Apricot Rum Sour, Meyer Lemon + Rosemary Old Fashioned, Rhubarb Rose Cobbler, Blackberry Sage Spritz, and Cantaloupe Mint Rum Punch.

This fun cocktail book will quickly become a boozy favorite, perfect for gifting or for hoarding all for yourself. You don’t need chickens to enjoy these drinks or the colorful photos, but be careful, because you may even find yourself aspiring to be a home chixologist overrun by gorgeous, loud, early-rising egg-laying ladies, and in need of a very strong drink.

  • 192 pages
  • Hardcover book
  • By Kate E. Richards


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