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Catlady Book - A Love Letter to Women and Their Cats

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There's no question that cats rule the world. Ask any cat owner and they'll tell you how these balls of fur insert themselves into our lives and establish dominion over the household. In this book, Leah Goren brings together smart, funny essays by founder Jen Gotch, writer Mara Altman, novelist Emma Straub, and designer Justina Blakeney, among others.

She also conducts illuminating interviews with women who have built their lives or careers around cats, such as Lisa Kytösaho, the head of a cheetah rehabilitation and conservation organization in South Africa, and Hannah Shaw, a humane educator and rescuer of neonatal kittens.

Throughout the book, Goren's appealing illustrations bring the joys of cat friendship to life, while her observations about the roles that cats have played in history, fashion, mythology, and art help us understand why the human-cat connection is so powerful. Sophisticated yet accessible, and featuring the work of a hugely popular illustrator, this book's wisdom and artwork reveal deeper truths about what makes cats so appealing as companions. Cat Lady will speak to the millions of cat lovers who know just how strongly we identify with our feline friends.

  • 6.81"W x 9.06"H x 1"D
  • 224 pages
  • By Leah Reena Goren


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