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Booze Cakes Cookbook - Confections Spiked with Spirits, Wine, and Beer


Mix, Bake, Buzz! Booze Cakes features step-by-step recipes for spiking delicious confections with spirits, wine, and beer. These delightfully tipsy desserts are perfect for dinner parties, potlucks, and pitch-ins!

You’ll find recipes for classic booze cakes, cocktail cakes, cake shots, cakes with a twist, and more! Featured throughout are tips and tricks on baking with alcohol, serving suggestions for fun cocktail-cake parties, and yummy cocktail recipes to accompany your confections. Plus a handy “Booze Meter” that tracks the total alcohol content in each of these decadent desserts.

  • 7.5"W x 8"H x 0.5"D
  • 144 pages
  • By Krystina Castella & Terry Lee Stone



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