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Basic Witches Book - How to Summon Success and Raise Hell with Your Coven


A magical lifestyle guide for everything from powering up a stylish crystal to banishing terrible Tinder dates.

Want to feel terrifyingly beautiful? Wear the right color of eye shadow to project otherworldly glamour. Need to exorcise a toxic friendship? Repeat the proper incantation and make it disappear. Want to increase your energy? Whip up a tasty herbal “potion” to rev up your stamina. DIY projects, rituals, and spells, along with fun historical sidebars, summon the best trends of the modern witchy lifestyle and the time-trusted traditions of the hell-raising women of the past. 

  • 5.8"W x 7.75"H x 0.89"D
  • 208 pages
  • By Jaya Saxena & Jess Zimmerman


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