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Bad Art Ceramic Coffee Mug


For millennia, great poets and musicians and philosophers have invoked those nine goddesses of unsurpassed talent and intellect who inspire puny mortals to create works of genius. But these artists had no muse – not one goddess in charge of painting or sculpture or any of the other visual arts. 

The Bad Art mug features genuine paintings from the Museum of Bad Art including "Pablo Presley," "Swamp Picnic," and "Lucy in the Field with Flowers." Each one will bring to mind the Old Masters and how they’ve been dead a long, long time. 

Now you can become a patron of… well, this kind of thing. Mixed media meets mixed feelings and mixed reviews. Bad Art mug will add beauty to your home as it makes you appreciate the beauty of everything that surrounds it. 

  • Holds 14 oz.
  • Made of ceramic
  • Comes in gift box


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