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A Very Modern Dictionary - Over 600 Words to Keep Your Culture Game on Point

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Trouble negotiating the modern world, what with all these newfangled words and phrases so beloved of Gen Z and Millennials? This handy dictionary is here to help.

Social Media can make new and confusing words spread like wildfire. So it's easy to feel like sometimes you get left behind in the linguistic dust. For example, do you know your bromance from your dudevorce, your turnt from your thirst trap? How about bae or doe? What about FOMO, lit AF, tea (no, dad, not the drink), dead (no, not the state of nonbeing)? Look, we totally get it. Communicating in the modern world is hard. So with more than 600 entries, all replete with sassy definitions, let this book be your definitive guide to the modern English language.

  • 4.81"W x 7.71"H x 0.72"D
  • 176 pages
  • Hardcover book
  • By Tobias Anthony


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