Holiday Shipping Update


This message applies to orders that were placed before December 11th and haven’t shipped. We are so profoundly sorry.

Your order is in the queue to be shipped, the gifts you purchased are in the warehouse and allocated for your order, and your order will ship.

Orders will continue to ship through late December with the last batch shipping in January. Unfortunately, we have no guidance from the third-party warehouse on this, but this is our best estimate. November orders will ship sooner, December orders later.

We knew that our small warehouse could not handle the holiday spike while keeping employees safe, so we hired an outside warehouse. They did not live up to their promises or their contractual obligations, and your order is impacted by these delays.

If you would prefer a refund at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    We are a company of 8 employees. We are not an enormous corporation like Amazon. We are just a few women in an office in Massachusetts, and we cannot throw millions of dollars at a problem like perhaps they can. 

    This has been devastating to our small business during already very challenging times, and we wish we could have provided you with a better experience. We are rapidly making decisions that will change the way our orders are fulfilled in 2021, and it is our vow to never let this happen again.

    On December 11th we stopped sending new orders to the beforementioned third party warehouse. Any order placed after that day will ship from our HQ in Massachusetts.

    We remain hopelessly sorry for how this holiday season went for our customers.

    Yours truly,

    The Always Fits Team


    P.S. If you want something to print out in the meantime so you don't have to show up empty handed, this is for you!

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