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About Always Fits

Unique gifts for the cool mom. Created in 2009, we are a woman-owned, women-run business with a penchant for feminist gifts, gifts with a splash of profanity and colorful gifts. Our cute and unique gift site is filled with funny socks, colorful pool floats, sweary oven mitts and a healthy dose of Golden Girls. We love any product that time machines us back to the 80's and 90's! We carry cult-favorite lines like Bando, Blue Q, Big Mouth Inc, Skinny Dip London, Tatty Devine and many more.  Our heroes of the moment include the rockstar ladies of the Supreme Court, Tiffany Hadish, Rhianna, Malala, Helen Mirren, Punky Brewster and, obviously, Blanche, Rose, Sophia & Dorothy.

About The Funtrepreneur

Ashley is just a girl … standing in front of a boy … asking him to love her. Oh wait, that’s somebody else. Ashley is the president of The Funtrepreneur, Inc., a company that includes this little slice of the internet,! 

Ashley is obsessed with color, the Golden Girls, feminism, tragically lame soft rock, anything with fruit on it, Bev from The Goldbergs (her spirit animal), self-deprecating humor, adding the word “palooza” to all work events (even those that really do not warrant it), alliteration, and her 5 year old daughter - but not necessarily in that order. The Funtrepreneur is approaching its 10th anniversary, under Ashley’s creative and strategic direction.

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