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Supremely Hot Sauce - RBG, Sotomayor & Kagan Hot Sauce


Supremely Hot Sauce! Meet the women of the Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Their dissents are scathing, their intellects are on fire and now they're hot sauce! 

Roastin' RBG is a red habanero hot sauce made with habanero peppers, carrots, fresh garlic and spices, but be careful, the spice level of this hot sauce is HOT.

Scathing Sotomayor is a green habanero hot sauce made from processed green habanero peppers, prickly pear cactus, fresh garlic, lime juice and spices that make this hot sauce spicy, flavorful and extra HOT.

Kickin' Kagan is a jalapeño hot sauce made with ripe, red jalapeños, garlic, vinegar and spices. The perfect heat level when you are craving hot sauce without adding too much extra heat.

With three different, deliciously spicy flavors, you can buy them individually or get the whole set! 

Each bottle is 5 fl. oz. (148mL)

Each bottle is sold individually, unless you purchase the 3-pack. 

Manufactured and bottled in Arizona exclusively for

From the makers of the viral sensation, Golden Girls Hot Sauce!



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