Isn’t this Kitten & Yarn Salt & Pepper Shaker set the cutest? Keep things purrfectly pastel in the kitchen with this inseparable couple that takes adorable to the next level.


No matter whether you’re feeling like working out, or just feeling like working some pizza into your schedule, this Yoga Exercise Mat by Bando gets you. Comfortably cushioned, this mat is amazing on the body and has sooo earned a slice of my heart. Great for ab workouts, tree poses, and for the occasional, (ok, weekly) pizza parties after pilates.


This Pink Unicorn Ceramic Coffee Mug most definitely adds sparkle-rainbow-magic to any and all of your beverages, how else do you explain how enchanted I feel drinking out of it? Coming in November, this simple yet majestic cup will not only brighten up your cup of joe, but will make even the bleakest of mornings a tiny bit more magical.

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