Curse-Word Oven Mitts As Seen in POPSUGAR

Curse-Word Oven Mitts As Seen in POPSUGAR

Posted by Ashley Judge on

Look no further for the perfect gift for the swear-loving, sarcastic cook in your life. POPSUGAR got it right when they said these swearing oven mitts are not only hysterical, but one-of-a-kind. I mean, where else can you get a sweary, hilarious kitchen conversation starter, that is also useful on the daily and super-affordable? Alwaysfits has you covered.

These oven mitts are super HOT right now, flying right off the shelves. Pick one up of our many styles featured below, and it’ll be sure to charm the sassiest of oven-owners out there.

This is for the cook that can make anything taste AMAZING, and knows it. Warning, this may only raise the ego of said cook. Buy at your own risk. $12.50

Definitely for the cook who’s constantly experimenting and making new meals and dishes here and there. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the acknowledgement of their artistry. $12.50

Perfect for the badass girl-cook who does it all day-to-day and still manages to put together the yummiest of meals nightly. She’s a woman of action and can do anything she puts her mind to. $12.50

For the more hot-headed of cooks out there, especially the ones that don’t like others messing with their recipes or being in their kitchen at all, this mitt says it all. They have a knife and they aren’t afraid to use it. $12.50

For the cook who isn’t afraid to spill the truth: sometimes salad doesn’t cut it. This gift is best given with a bottle of wine and a night off. $12.50

The cook for this mitt is probably your favorite curse-word slinging mess in the kitchen who may or may not have forget essential ingredients in the dinner dish they are making. It’s ok, we love them just the same. $12.50

This could be the perfect gift for the esteemed pizza chef in your family, or for the cook that usually burns everything and ends up ordering pizza instead. Either way, you get pizza, so it’s a win-win. $12.50

For that perfect little rebel cook who insists you eat the raw cookie dough and isn’t afraid to add ingredients that aren’t on the recipe but makes it TASTE SO GOOD. You little kitchen rebel. We like you. $12.50

We know the feeling. Whether you are cooking for one or reluctantly making a meal for a crowd, this oven mitt speaks the truth. You just aren’t a people person, and that’s completely ok with us. $12.50

For the head chef who knows what’s up. They may tell you what to do in the kitchen but it’s usually their recipe and hey, it usually ends up pretty good. You’d just be best to follow their orders and then get them this oven mitt to show them you care!  $12.50

Maybe for that cook who is a little less on the sweary side, but always speaks their mind. Let this oven mitt boost their confidence and brighten their kitchen. $12.50


For the baking nerd who probably knows EVERY recipe they make by heart. They can probably do all that baking math in their head too. $12.50

Don’t wait until it’s too late to pick up these adorably funny oven mitts for everyone you know this holiday! Order by December 15th for standard shipping to get it in time for the 25th! (Dec 19th for faster shipping and Dec 21st 5pm for 1-2 day shipping)

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