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The Perfect Gifts

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Tower Records. Walden Books. Sam Goody. Blockbuster. Always Fits.

Not all beloved things get to last forever.

Always Fits will be closing its electronic doors in the coming weeks. We do not leave behind customers, we leave behind 556,232 friends, and we wish we could say goodbye to each one of you personally.

Each year, I close my holiday letter to our customers the same way, and since I will not be with you this holiday season, please indulge me now. I wish for you a life that is as magical as twinkling lights, as cozy as hot cocoa and as special as the memories you’ve shared with us.

With love and gratitude,
Ashley (Head Gal, Always Fits)
Announcement: March 16, 2023

Hard to define.

Easy to love. is a gift shop for people of a certain charm. We evoke giggles and private jokes. Sometimes we say bad words. We crush hard on the 80’s, 90’s and 00's. Honestly, we're just here to make gift-giving fun.

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