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golden girls hot sauce

As seen on Scary Mommy, Delish, Pop Sugar, Cosmo, Food & Wine and more! Be a bad-ass, fire-breathing, hot sauce swigging friend with our brand new Golden Girls Hot Sauce. Desert Rose and Bea Spicy are jalapeño hot sauces. Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut are habanero. And they all taste delicious out on the lanai!


Girl Crush: Betty & Veronica

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Ashley is just a girl … standing in front of a boy … asking him to love her. Oh wait, that’s somebody else. Ashley is our head buyer and gal in charge. She is obsessed with color, the Golden Girls, feminism, tragically lame soft rock, everything from the 80's, anything with fruit on it, Bev from The Goldbergs, pandas, self-deprecating humor,  alliteration, and her 5 year old daughter - but not necessarily in that order. 

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